Title: Officer Cadet

Author: Rick Shelley

Publish Date: 1998

Publisher: Ace Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Advanced Weapons, Armed Conflict, Advanced Technology, Advanced Medicine, Lasers, Space Travel, Spacecraft, Alien Worlds, Revolution, Nanobots, Nanites

Plot Summary:

Lon Nolan was third in his Senior Class at Earth’s North American Military Academy, when he and the rest of the top seniors were to be transferred to the Federal Police, and out of the Military. He had wanted to be in the Military since childhood, and now that was taken from him.

Soon, he found himself expelled and on a far-away planet, a new Officer Cadet of the Dirigent Mercenary Corps. The DMC was a for-hire military group that settled disputes on the side of who paid for their services first.

Norbank was a distant world, caught in a civil war between the original settlers and the ones that came years later. The DMC was brought in on the side of the original settler government, and Nolan was there to earn his Lieutenant’s pips to become an officer.

With more powerful weapons than the rebels, it seemed like it would take very little to squash the rebellion and then train the government army to defend itself.

But there are more rebels, better organized than expected, and the DMC Battalion is taking casualties. Lon Winds up on a hilltop, his platoon decimated by the Rebel forces coming at him from all sides.


It’s 2803. Lon Nolan has wanted to be a soldier all his life and he joined the North American Military Academy to become an officer in that military.

He did everything right and ranked third in his class. Then, there was an executive order taking the top of the graduating class into the Federal Police force. Nolan’s sympathetic commander had him expelled on fake charges, which allowed him to join the Dirigent Mercenary Corps as an Officer-Cadet.

The DMC was a Para-Military organization that had the power to serve up tremendous manpower in a conflict, to whoever could pay the costs. Nolan was assigned to a Battalion that was sent to a planet to put down a rebellion on the planet called ‘Norbank’. Here, the original settlers controlled the government and the newest ones wanted to change; the DMC was hired by the planet’s rulers to squash the uprising and restore order.

Nolan’s Battalion expected light resistance and no organized fighting, but that was far from the results.