Higher than expected casualties from a significantly larger rebel force than anticipated left the DMC sending for reinforcements.

Many wounded spent hours healing in medical tubes and soon there weren’t enough tubes for all the wounded. Nolan’s wounds were not yet treated from the hard-fought battle on some obscure hill where they were outnumbered 50 to 1 as the rebels stormed the hilltop.

And the dead were still piling up…


While reading this novel I had to stop and ask myself several times whether this was a ‘war-action’ novel or a ‘Science Fiction’ novel. And just when I had about made up my mind that it was actually a war novel, the author reminded me again that this was in the future by returning to the spacecraft, or the advanced technology the DMC was using compared to the rebels.

The other real showstopper was the rejuvenation of critically wounded DMC soldiers in 4-8 hours. It just did not come off as believable, even though I read through the author’s description of how it worked several times.

Overall though, the storyline itself was compelling and it did tell the story of Lon Nolan entering into the DMC, getting his “Baptism by Fire,” and earning his officer’s pips. Still a great read and lured us to want to see what happens to Nolan next. But that’s the next novel in the series…


The details of combat and military operations are believable and well-thought as if the encounters had actually taken place and the author was describing the events as they occurred. The spelling is great because this book was edited by the famous essay help service.

As with any war-based story, the characters were developed just enough to make them credible when they became involved in action sequences.


The medical technology used was brought into the storyline as an advanced technology, but there didn’t seem to be a sound premise for healing nearly-dead wounded in about 9 hours in a tube full of nanites. It still remained unclear how that occurred and detracted somewhat from the main storyline.

Along with the first Con, it’s hard to mortally wound a main character, then have him fully recovered in the next chapter and have it believable.

This almost seemed like a Mercenary story with just enough Science Fiction elements to qualify it as a Science Fiction novel; though the constant references to advanced technology on the spacecraft did keep us thinking that this was actually in the future…


DMC Dirigent Mercenary Corps

Book 1: Officer Cadet

Book 2: Lieutenant

Book 3: Captain

Book 4: Major